1. Get On the Train Get on the Train
2. Hello Heart Hello Heart
3. Cruel Cruel
4. Firefly Firefly
5. Angelina Angelina
6. Let Go of the Stone Let Go of the Stone
7. Ruined Ruined
8. Yours Yours
9. Run To You Run to You
10. Indigo Indigo

Download Indigo here (USA).     Download Indigo here (CANADA) .   Buy a physical CD here.

1. Come On Come On
2. Jackson Jackson
3. Never Be The Same Never Be The Same
4. I’m Gone I’m Gone
5. Feel Like A Kid Again Feel Like A Kid Again
6. Somebody Does Somebody Does
7. Blue As My Broken Heart Blue As My Broken Heart
8. Barefoot Girl Barefoot Girl
9. Mama Said Don’t Mama Said Don’t
10. Remember That Remember That
11. The Other Side The Other Side

Download Never Be The Same here.   Buy a physical CD here.

1. The Wheel The Wheel
2. Long Gone Train Long Gone Train
3. Sacred Sacred
4. When You Can Fly When You Can Fly
5. I Can’t I Can’t
6. Don’t Leave the Leavin’ Don’t Leave the Leavin’
7. Kiss Me Kiss Me
8. This Old Halo This Old Halo
9. Back To The River Back To The River
10. The World Turns The World Turns
11. Some Men Don’t Cheat Some Men Don’t Cheat

Download When You Can Fly here.     Buy a physical CD here.



1. The Greatest Gift
2. You Believe in Angels


Download the “Christmas Lodge” Soundtrack here.




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