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  • Watching tonight's Game of Thrones finale on our friends' back porch projector with aptly named apps and drinks!
  • The Force is with us...Star Wars Night at the Sounds Game. @dpetrelli
  • Tinkerbell and the Petrelli Pirates havin' a blast at the Preschool Storybook Ball. 👍👍
  • Note to self: two writes and a demo on nothing but breakfast ain't the best diet plan. Now, 9pm Fat Mo burger...get in ma belly!
  • A new demo with the Dream Team at @oceanwaynashville! @emilymariejames @philbarton222
  • We got home from our trip to Connecticut and suddenly this little munchkin isn't so little anymore! She has graduated to the nap mat!
  • He made me believe fireflies were fairies and always very convincingly ate every last bite of the play-dough breakfast-in-bed I made him. Happy Father's Day, Daddu!
  • He sat here in the sand til his butt turned numb and his chest sunburned in the shape of the towel, so Alexa could get her nap. One of the million reasons why he's an amazing Dad. Happy Father's Day, @dpetrelli !! ❤️

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