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  • My heart aches tonight for a sweet friend who just lost his daughter to suicide. Each time we talked about her, his eyes lit up with love and pride, but his shoulders also slumped a little under the heaviness of his worry about her chronic struggle with depression. Every time, he would say, "she's doing a little better, I think. She's fighting this the best she can. But it's really, really hard." As the daughter of a mother who lost her battle with depression, I know the pain he is in. But as the mother of a daughter whose loss would annihilate my heart, I can't imagine the pain he must be in. 
If you're a praying person, please send one up for Jim and his family. And if YOU are fighting a battle that you don't feel strong enough to fight, please call this number for the suicide prevention hotline. Trust me...no matter how impossible it is to know this right now, the world needs you in it.
  • Reading "Pat the Christmas Bunny" with Alexa. Thanks for the adorable dreamcatcher onesie, @jaybirddreams !!
  • Christmas has exploded all over the house and @dpetrelli has just made my first eggnog latte of the season served in his family Xmas china. ❤️ Life is good.
  • This is what happens in Nashville when you say "hey, if you play an orchestral instrument and have no one to play with, come join us"! This is the debut concert of the @nashvillecitizensorchestra. So proud of my friends Amy Wilson (viola) and @laurensaks718 (my fiddle player...aka violinist extraordinaire!)
  • What a treat to see my friends Amy Wilson & @laurensaks718 play viola and violin in the brand new Nashville Citizens' Orchestra's debut concert tonight!
  • Building a gingerbread man box with Daddy.
  • Nobody captures the epicness of a Shackelton-Barton-Banks creation like these amazing session players. #demosession #echo @emilymariejames @philbarton222 @raresparkmedia @lizrosemusic @daverosscohen @shoenfeld @evanhutchings @ericlegg
  • Alexa rockin' her adorable arrow shirt from the @jaybirddreams collection - she has been pointing to it and saying "awwow! awwow!" all morning 😀

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