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  • Another 2 song day...rockin' the Cancon night write with @philbarton222 & @imleahdaniels 👍
  • Sometimes I feel like I can see time passing right in front of my eyes. #biggirl #pigtails
  • Any day spent writing with @gordiesampson & Tony Lane is a darn good day. #surroundedbygenius
  • #hip ❤️
  • Using Terminal to mess with your Mac's programming is kind of like doing one of those gymnastic moves in the air. In this case, dismount nailed. Take that, "incompatible OS"! ProTools #upandrunning
  • So this happened tonight at Sounds Stadium and I think it blew Alexa's mind. She's a big fan of Big Bird, and this guy is obviously from the same species.
  • Took a pre-dawn drive to this little coffee shop on the other side of town to participate in a really cool 6am communal prayer gathering with my best girlfriends and a group of strangers. I'm usually really private with my spirituality, but this was pretty powerful - we all prayed our own prayers in the same space but with really loud music playing so we didn't feel self-conscious. It's happening again tomorrow if anyone feels like participating.
  • Thumbs up when your studio day that goes til 10pm ends in mutual congratulatory texts 😜 👍👍 #songwriterdopaminerush #weveprobablylostallperspectivebynow

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