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  • What dancers do a few moments before the curtain rises: stitch their slippers up with dental floss, do calisthenics in baggy sweats, and wish each other "merde"! #behindthescenes @nashvilleballet #Attitude
  • Wow, what an incredible review of last night's show! Tix still available for #Attitude today & tomorrow: http://www.broadwayworld.com/nashville/article/BWW-Review-Nashville-Ballets-2016-ATTITUDE-Series-20160213#
  • Opening night magic!!!! @nashvilleballet @bluebirdcafetn #Attitude @jtxrockstar @georgiamiddleman
  • Nashville, seriously, COME TO THIS SHOW! Even if you're not a ballet fan, it's gonna blow you away. The combination of @nashvilleballet and live @bluebirdcafetn performances is incredibly emotional. The dancers are so stunning that during last night's media preview, there were audible "OHs" coming from the audience! "Attitude" opens tonight and plays through Sunday. Tickets at Nashvilleballet.com
  • Bluebird + Ballet = get your mind blown. Some seats are still a available for this weekend's "Attitude" shows at NashvilleBallet.com!
  • Magical moving stage rehearsal at TPAC for this weekend's "Attitude" show with @nashvilleballet
  • In about 5 min!
  • Tune in live to lightning 100.1 FM this hour to hear us talk about this weekend's @nashvilleballet show and perform live!!

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