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  • This memory popped up from two years ago today: rehearsing my songs with the Nashville Ballet for our performance at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Of all the cool moments in my career so far, having a ballet made out of my music was one of the coolest!
  • #lyricoftheweek (Written today with Ian Munsick and John Caldwell) 👍❤️
  • We have spent the past week of freezing temperatures kerosene-heater-warming, hairdryer-drying and icicle-melting this tankless hot water heater because it was mounted Tennessee-plumbing-style on the OUTSIDE of our house. NOT ANYMORE!! Thanks to @rhythmbuildnash who co-ordinated plumbing, gas, and electrical teams to get this sucker moved inside before the deep freeze strikes again tomorrow! And now we can wash our baby bottles. YAY!!
  • What’s better than a tea party during an ice storm? And of course everyone has to wear hats for a tea party. (Evie hasn’t quite figured out the hat thing yet...and Alexa’s peanut butter “smile for the camera” face is a little frightening.) #snowday #babyevie #babyalexa
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  • Merry “Little Christmas”, everyone! Today we exchanged our final gifts as Three Kings Day (aka Epiphany, or the arrival of the magi) brings the twelve days of Christmas to a close. Tomorrow the tree comes down and the Christmas music goes off for another year as it does every Jan 7th...but today, it’s still full-on Christmas in the Petrelli household!
  • #bestnine2017
  • So sad to hear of Rick Hall’s passing. This legendary producer gave me my first shot as a songwriter, signing me to a publishing deal at Fame Music’s Nashville branch back in 1998. I got to record all my demos at the magical Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, with their fabulous rhythm section! He was a firecracker of a man, but always treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. Rick, I bet you have the band whipped into shape up in heaven already. ❤️

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