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  • @mickeyguyton absolutely slays this song I wrote with @emilymariejames & @philbarton222 at http://tinyurl.com/l4ro7fk
  • Those panicking Tennessee grocery shoppers obviously have their priorities straight. #snowday #nobeer
  • #snowday in the south
  • Just discovered the entire neighborhood sledding at the end of our street!! What a beautiful day. #snowday
  • Let it goooooo...let it gooooo!!
  • Not pretty out there - branches are starting to fall off the trees because everything's so encased in ice! Do like the Canucks do: salt/shovel your walkway, scrape your windshield and open your car doors while you still can, because with the oncoming deep freeze this is only gonna get worse. Sure hope we don't start losing power lines!
  • Watch out for the Nickelback west of Davidson county. #TNsnowday
  • Well, I finally broke down and got these today. Long overdue. #goingblind

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