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  • All tuned up and ready to start the matinee shortly in Mathews, Virginia! #usatour2017
  • It's a seafood kind of night! #usatour2017
  • A pic from Dad's place back where I grew up. Looks like it's time to shovel the cabin roof! #muskoka
  • Kicking off the final tour leg with a concert tonight in Washington, North Carolina! #usatour2017
  • It's always so hard to leave...but man, the reunions are awesome when I get home! Here's me surprising Alexa at "school" when I got home from the last tour leg!
  • Here's a fan video from our Greenville Texas show. @racheljsolo @laurensaks718 (Thanks, Jesse Ayers!)
  • My Valentine knocked it out of the park with an entire chocolate raspberry cake from Sweet 16th bakery around the corner (and it weighs about 5 pounds). @dpetrelli, you rock!
  • Backstage at the auditorium in Marshalltown, Iowa gettin' pretty for today's matinee, which is being taped for television.

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