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  • Arizona bound! Doing an educational program about songwriting this afternoon, then a concert tonight with the band. So excited to see this state for the first time EVER!
  • We made a "wish jar" years ago, as therapy on our long journey to parenthood. We filled it with things we looked forward to doing with our baby someday. I decided to open it up this morning, and was blown away reading the slips of paper in it. From our lips to God's ears. Now we are living these wishes.  #infertilityjourney #adoptionrocks #hanginthere
  • She's half Canadian, so naturally a fan of the #hip.
  • First leg of #usatour2016 done, and we 3 hardcore troubadours are homeward bound!
  • Getting ready to perform in this grand old duchess of Biloxi, Mississippi: the Saenger Theater! What a treat!
  • Authorities: "There's no gas shortage unless you panic." Media sensationalizes that to "Panic buying could cause gas shortage!" So what does the public do? PANIC!! And now there's a shortage. Proving yet again that a) we're selfish, b) we're minions of a ratings-hungry media, and c) we would immediately fail in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Eating grilled stuffed avocado after having probably the best deep tissue massage ever in Ocean Springs, MS. This tour rocks! 👍
  • One small step for Alexa, one giant leap for Mommy and Daddy who will now have to run after her everywhere she decides to go.

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