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  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends - hope it’s been a great day!
  • Love this pic @sarakaussphoto captured with @emilymariejames’ baby Ruby at yesterday’s Sip and See! Thanks @lizrose0606 for hosting!
  • Alexa had to put her helmet on. 😂
  • If these inlaid birds in the old wooden bar at @bluebirdcafetn could sing...imagine how many songs they’ve heard over the years! About to entertain them with a few more here tonight with Tony Arata and Roger Cook.
  • Morning conversation with Alexa. (Forgive the tarp in the background...renovations. New baby and a toddler, no bathtub for 6 months, no problemo, right? 😬)
  • One of us is tired...and it ain’t Evie! These middle of the night feedings are wearing me down...but at 9 1/2 pounds her tummy is just too tiny to hold much! Ah well, we will get those cheeks fattened up somehow! #3monthsold #packinonpounds #workingmom #illsleepwhenimdead
  • Three Canadians with maple syrup in the background for good measure. Super fun write today with @hunterbros at @raresparkmedia
  • When you’re sandwiched in a songwriter round between “Tulsa Time”, “Broken Wing”, and “If I could Change the World”. Holy hits! @dannyflowers1948 @jameshousemusic #gordonkennedy

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