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  • One of the reasons why I love East Nashville: it's home to the kind of folks who build fairy houses in the trees of our local greenspace, complete with twig ladders, little moss-covered beds, palm-sized kitchen tables, teeny hangers in tiny closets, and places to leave notes for the fairies. #lockelandsprings #fairyhouse
  • Shared the Bluebird stage with 2 greats today: Roger Cook (Long Cool Woman, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing) and Tony Arata (Here I am, The Dance). Roger wrote the first song I ever learned to play, and Tony performed the first show I ever saw at the Bluebird. Now here I am sitting between them, with Chet and Willie looking on. I'm not worthy...but...I'll take it!! 🙌 (Thanks for the pic, Jaime Scorby!)
  • Dear Whatever is Making Chewing Noises Inside our Pocket Door...I seriously hope you are just a mouse. Because you sound a lot bigger than a mouse. And that ain't good. #eastnastyproblems
  • Last night's writers' round at beautiful Oceanway studios with @georgiamiddleman & Bob Regan.
  • Alexa had never sung more than a word or 2 until yesterday...and now this! Here she is waking up from nap time with a rousing extended rendition of "Kinkle Kinkle Little Star".
  • Alexa had a little visit with the Easter Bunny at #HopEast this morning and managed to snag 4 eggs in the egg hunt! At that point she was satisfied with sitting down and extracting the chocolate treats.
  • OMG, this album is completely cracking me up! I can't believe I had to become a parent to discover it! These guys are brilliant. (And I love the Gordon Lightfoot and Geddy Lee cameos - so many great nods to Canada on here.)
  • Tonight I played a sold out Bluebird show alongside these 3 incredible songwriters, one of whom wrote the first song I ever learned to play on piano at age 4 ("I'd like to teach the world to sing") AND the first one I learned on electric guitar at 15 ("Long Cool Woman"). Now that's surreal. Roger Cook, baby!! #fullcirclemoment

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