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  • Training the next generation to rock 'n roll. @lisabrokop @dpetrelli #PetrelliTeaParty
  • It's Tea Party day at the Petrelli household with my girlfriends and their daughters . (Dave is the butler.) Fun afternoon of British accents, big hats and raised-pinky toasts with china cups.
  • Love @therosepepper Mexican Cantina's latest sign here in East Nash. 😀 Go Preds!
  • Great night for a @nashvillesounds game with @h_olmstead @olmstead13 & @dpetrelli
  • These are the illegal telemarketing robcalls received on my do-not-call listed cell phone in one morning alone.  And what's with the ones that now call 3 times in succession to try to get you to answer?! CRAZY ANNOYING. I've been reporting them to the FTC, for what it's worth, but they just keep coming. It makes me want to jump through the phone line and strangle somebody...
  • Yep. @dpetrelli  @olmstead13 #youmadeit
  • FREEDOM!! Last day of teaching 7th grade for @dpetrelli - summer break is ON!! You're a rock star, Dave!
  • Cutting a kickass demo with producer/cowriter extraordinaire @marshallaltman !!@legendsnashville @jeffreyjosepheast @bmgnashville @peermusicnash @raresparkmedia

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