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  • Cutting a kickass demo with producer/cowriter extraordinaire @marshallaltman !!@legendsnashville @jeffreyjosepheast @bmgnashville @peermusicnash @raresparkmedia
  • At @meghan_trainor , #jessefrasure & @laurenalaina's "Number Onesie" party for #roadlesstraveled - complete with onesies for all the music execs, which rocks almost as hard as the song does.
  • Yeah baby! Nashville, you're all growns up now.
  • Together we've navigated through love and loneliness, births and deaths, weddings and divorces, infertility and pregnancy and adoption, dream gigs and lost jobs, sickness and health...and we've had enough Fido coffees to make "Fido-ing" a verb. I love these gals! (And Happy birthday, Poncho!) @marysueenglund @lisabrokop #taniahancheroff
  • A particularly great night to be in one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people. @bluebirdcafetn  @jeffreyjosepheast @daveturnbull ・・・#Repost @scotmsherrod "Our amazing Victoria Banks is killing it here at the world famous Bluebird tonight. The company ain't too bad either."
  • Tonight Dave's grandma Helen left this world at the age of 99. So glad we got this beautiful picture of her with Alexa during our last visit to her nursing home in Hartford.  Alexa might be too young to remember her "GG", but she's gonna grow up knowing how to make Helen's dynamite spaghetti & lobster sauce and apple pie recipes.
  • Friday night!! Gonna be a good one!! @erikdylanmusic @jeffreyjosepheast @daveturnbull
  • Wrote with @crissiemusic of @theshiresuk today along with our "Daddy's Little Girl" cowriter @livyjeanne 👍👍#itsahit #girlpower

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