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  • Never underestimate a girl with a miter saw. (Decongestant related insomnia may have played a role in this, but hey, somebody had to salvage and install that beautiful old trim...and it might as well be me.) Once we stain the new pine plinth blocks to match the rest of it, it’s gonna look great!
  • #Repost @raresparkmedia with @get_repost
Take a beating, but you keep on ticking. ❤ Another 🔥one today from @victoriabanksmusic + Ben Burgess + @jamestslatermusic #hallelujahheart #musicmonday
  • Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 8am sharp! BluebirdCafe.com
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  • #babyevie #sixmonthsold #nofilter I think she finally hit the 12 pound mark!
  • Think our publishers will make us change it? 😀 @11danielle @ianmunsick
  • Today’s new one with @walkercounty & Tia Sillers. Happy GALentines Day! 😀🍾🎉
  • Meet “Mrs. Dentist”. She’s half Mary Poppins and half post-Parkinson’s Katherine Hepburn, and she’s the only one who can get my toddler to brush her teeth.

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