I Will Never Be The Same

Victoria Final CD Cover.jpg

My new album, “Never Be The Same”, will be released to stores across Canada this Tuesday, April 26th!! Like my first CD, “When You Can Fly”, this record is self-produced - believe me, you don’t have to do much producing when you surround yourself with the best studio musicians Nashville has to offer and grammy-winning engineer Eric Legg to man the mixing board – and it has been a labour of love from top to bottom.  It’s a collection of the most honest songs I’ve written over the past decade, so it covers a lot of ground.  It traces my steps through love and loss: escaping from an abusive relationship, rediscovering my own strength and getting back on my feet, grieving the death of a parent, learning that scars can make you beautiful, falling in love again and finding joy in the simple things in life.  In the words of the title track, “I have lived and learned and healed and hurt and laughed and cursed and prayed, and I will never be the same.”

The songs on this record are torchy, swampy, rocking, poppy, acoustic, introspective, and everything in between.  I hope it makes you crank the volume up and sing along.  I hope it gives you those delicious goosebumps that come from music that touches the heart.  And I hope it makes you cry those good tears – the uplifting kind that make you feel better for having cried them.

I dedicated this album to my fans – I hope it gives you as much enjoyment and inspiration as you give me.

And to my mom – who taught me how to sing constantly, laugh outrageously, and dance uphill when it gets too hard to walk.