Hey Canada – Please Help Me Celebrate CD Release Day!

Wow!  It’s finally here!  Tomorrow (Tuesday April 14th) is the day that my official debut CD “When You Can Fly” will be in stores all across Canada. Through all the years of slogging it out in the music business, I always told myself that on the day my first CD was released, I would go to Walmart or Best Buy (or one of those big retail stores that will be sure to have it) and buy one off the shelf myself, just to celebrate.  The problem is, I’m in Nashville right now, holding down my day job as a staff songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing.  So while those shiny new CDs are stacked on shelves all across the Great White North, I’ll be sitting in a room with a guitar and pen, working on more songs for the next project.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my job – but I am a little bit sad that I’ll be missing this special day.  So I’m going to ask my Canadian fans out there to do me a favour…if you buy my CD at the store this week (and I REALLY hope you do!), would you take a photo or a little video of yourself doing it?  And post it on Facebook or MySpace?  (You can either post a link to it on my wall or tag it with my name so it shows up on my page.)  That way, we can all celebrate together (and I can celebrate vicariously through you)!  I would really love that, and so would all of the friends who have supported me on this long journey.

Here are the links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vbanks

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/victoriabanks

Thanks, guys and gals!