Daddy's Little Girl

Since its release by The Shires, "Daddy's Little Girl" has become the second single on "My Universe" - the fastest selling country album in UK history.

We all have different experiences...and especially where our childhoods are concerned.  But the trick to collaborating successfully as songwriters is finding a common thread in your stories that turns them into a widely relatable song.

The day I wrote "Daddy's Little Girl" with co-writers Jeff Cohen, Livy Jeanne, and Crissie Rhodes (lead singer of the UK duo The Shires), I offered up a few lines of the chorus as a starting point...then we started reminiscing to find the details in the verses...and that's when we found that each of us had very different but very evocative memories of our own Dads to share.

Little did I know when walking in the room that morning that Crissie had lost her Dad as a young child, and that this would become a cathartic song for her.  But I love how in the end, we came up with a song that worked from each of our's simultaneously a love song to a childhood we've outgrown, and a tribute to the Dads we have had to leave behind.


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