About Me (Using Only Song Titles)

I saw this quiz on Facebook and it seemed like the perfect challenge for a songwriter to try.  So I’ve answered these questions with the titles of songs I’ve written that have been recorded and released (either by myself or another artist)… Pick your artist: Victoria Banks

Are you male or female? It’s a Girl Thing

Describe yourself: Tomboy

How do you feel? I Will Never be the Same

Describe where you live: I Can’t

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Back to the River

Your favorite form of transportation? The Wheel

Your best friend is? Sacred

What's the weather like? Arizona Rain

Favorite time of day? Midnight at a Red Light

If your life were a TV show, it would be called? Dance with Me

Life to you is: Beautiful Tragedy

You fear: This Old Halo (won’t stay on)

The best advice you have to give: Love Somebody

Thought for the day: Come On Over and Kiss Me (do I get extra points for using 2 titles?)

How would you like to die? Don’t Leave the Leavin’ up to me, Saints & Angels (Ha! 2 titles again!)

Your motto: Ain’t it Great to be a Woman


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