A True Scoop...


Ok, so maybe I embarrass myself a little too often by sharing the raw material behind my songs with my email subscribers, but I just love giving people a glimpse at where songs come from.  I also share things like:

  • free songs (yup, really truly free)
  • songs nobody else has heard yet, and probably they never will
  • croaky iPhone voice recordings of me getting a song idea at 3am
  • original guitar/vocal "work tapes" and rough demos of songs you ended up hearing on the radio
  • tips about visiting Nashville, creativity, collaboration and the music biz, for those who are into that kind of thing
  • stuff people don't usually talk about, but I do, because that's just the way I am

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(Did I mention it's free? And you'll get 3 free songs in your inbox right off the bat.)