Hello Heart


I woke up with the first verse of "Hello Heart" in my head while I was on a songwriting retreat at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.  It poured out so fast that I had to jump out of bed to grab my guitar, and my cowriters and I just hung on tight while the words came out.  It's a very personal song about that moment when you feel your heart coming back to life again after it's been broken to pieces.When I started performing the song, I would look around at the faces of the people in the audience, and I always saw someone who was in tears.  It just goes to show that no matter how alone you feel, you are never isolated in your pain.  Just about everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle, and you usually can’t tell what that battle is just by looking at them.

So I decided to make a video for Hello Heart.  But not a high-budget, slick professional music video.  I wanted to make something honest and raw.  I wanted to remind people how important it is to be kind...to react first with compassion, and never to assume anything about anyone until you understand where they're coming from.

These are real people in this video, sharing their innermost struggles.  They chose to make themselves vulnerable because they believe in the message we are trying to spread with this song.  And I couldn't ask anyone else to do that without making myself vulnerable too, so I have shared my own heartache publicly alongside theirs.

I hope you'll watch it, and I hope you'll share it.  It's not an attempt to sell the song, because we're giving it away for free (people can sign up to receive it at this link). We just want to send this out there in hopes that it will spread a little more kindness in the world.

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