Victoria Banks Proud Supporter of Sassy Cassy’s

Victoria was first introduced to entrepreneur and boot designer Cassandra Rush (president and founder of Sassy Cassy’s Inc.) during CCMA Week in Vancouver in 2009. So impressed by Ms. Rush’s unique and well-made designer product, Victoria wore her first pair of calf-fitting Sassy Cassy’s boots during her live performance on the award’s broadcast.

Now a regular feature of Victoria’s wardrobe, she sings the boots’ praises for their style and comfort. “These boots are great,” says Victoria. “Even though the heels appear really high, they are easy to walk in. Comfort is so important when I’m performing on-stage. It’s great to find a line that’s so beautifully made, stylish and comfortable. The Sassy Cassy’s boots are absolutely the most comfortable heels I own.”

You can see Sassy Cassy’s “Divine” boots on the cover of Victoria’s upcoming sophomore album “Never Be The Same,” in stores this April.

For more information on Sassy Cassy’s, please visit their website:



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