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TORONTO, ON – Award-winning Country singer-songwriter, Victoria Banks, will release her third studio album, Indigo (Victoria Banks/Fontana North) on October 7, 2014. The album will feature her current single “Ruined” which hit airwaves in August and showcases her evolved sound that can bridge various genres from Country to A/C, resonating with a wide fan base.

“Indigo is a very intimate album for me. These songs were written with collaborators that I’m able to feel vulnerable with, so my co-producer and I wanted to capture that intimacy in the recording process too,” says Banks. “We built a lot of the tracks on bare bones sessions that I recorded alone in my home studio in the middle of the night. We didn’t want to box the songs into a genre. We just went where the songs wanted to go.”

Indigo pays tribute to Banks’ growth as a songwriter, infusing years of resolve and personal experience into her lyrics, while remaining true to her Northern Canadian upbringing. The Muskoka-native’s unrestrained sound shines through in songs like “Yours” and “Firefly,” which present therapeutic, sultry metaphors on love and life, set to a soothing acoustic tune. The title track “Indigo,” recorded on an old Gibson guitar in her attic by candlelight, reflects the artist’s soulful authenticity as a songwriter in every note of the retro tone and heartfelt subject matter.

Banks received 11 Canadian County Music Association (CCMA) Award nominations on the strength of her previous albums When You Can Fly (2009) and Never Be The Same, her 2011 sophomore release that won her the title of 2010 CCMA Female Artist of the Year. Her impressive catalogue of writing credits includes Sara Evans’ “Can’t Stop Loving You,” (a duet with Isaac Slade of The Fray) and the ASCAP and SOCAN Award-winning song “Saints & Angels,” her first major hit. She also penned Jessica Simpson’s Billboard record-breaking Country debut “Come On Over,” One More Girl’s BCCMA Song of the Year “When It Ain’t Raining,” Doc Walker’s chart-topping “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” X-Factor winner Tate Stevens’ “Ordinary Angels,” and won a CCMA Songwriter of the Year award for Johnny Reid’s “Dance With Me.
“Canada’s reigning queen of country music….Who says good things don’t happen to nice people?”
- Revelstoke Current (Revelstoke, BC)
“Sometimes the cream rises to the top, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Luckily for Victoria Banks, it did.”
- Muskoka Magazine (Muskoka, Ontario)
“Victoria is a powerful singer as well as being a very impressive songwriter, some of her songs being intense, strong and at times highly emotive….She is definitely a name to look out for.”
- Maverick Magazine (Kent, UK)

Indigo – Track List:
1. Get On the Train
2. Hello Heart
3. Cruel
4. Firefly
5. Angelina
6. Let Go of the Stone
7. Ruined
8. Yours
9. Run to You
10. Indigo

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