My Wish Book

I have a special keepsake from back in the days before I moved to Nashville.  I call it my “wish book”.  It’s just a dog-eared little green pocket-sized binder, but hundreds of hours of work went into that book. I

Best and Worst of the Road

In the last 4 1/2 weeks of this cross-Canada radio tour, I have… Been interviewed on air at 21 radio stations Played 36 performances Filmed 9 TV shows Visited 8 provinces Taken 15 flights Ridden in 31 taxis/shuttles Stayed in

CCMAs and Cross Canada Tour

I’m not even sure where to begin telling you about the past week.  It’s been a whirlwind! I spent a few days in Vancouver before Country Music Week began, so I had some time to visit JRFM radio, perform on


I lost my mother last Sunday.  I was in Nashville, my bags packed for a month-long cross-Canada tour, when I got the call from my sister up in Ontario that she was being rushed to the hospital.  One gut-wrenching, heart-pounding,

One Heck of a Suitcase

I’m standing here staring at a big empty suitcase and an even bigger explosion of clothes scattered all over my bedroom.  How exactly do you pack for a month-long tour of Canada?  We’re talking16 flights, 31 hotel nights, a pile

The Music is the Reason

I just celebrated the 11th anniversary of my first steady paycheck as a staff songwriter.  Somehow or other, for the past 11 years, music has been keeping me fed, clothed and sheltered.  Music has taken me to places I never

CCMAs, Radio Singles, Big Mamas and Chicken Chili

I’m taking a day off today to cook up a storm and freeze a bunch of food in preparation for the birth of my friend Lisa Brokop’s first baby, which based on the size of her, will be happening any

About Me (Using Only Song Titles)

I saw this quiz on Facebook and it seemed like the perfect challenge for a songwriter to try.  So I’ve answered these questions with the titles of songs I’ve written that have been recorded and released (either by myself or

The “When You Can Fly” Rollercoaster

My new single “When You Can Fly” is a song that has definitely been the source of some heartache for me! A week after I wrote the song, Reba McEntire’s record label flipped out over it. I got a phone

Piracy Made Personal: The Making of “When You Can Fly”

I Googled my album” When You Can Fly” yesterday and then I burst into tears.  Page after page of results were links to  free “file-sharing” sites.  Links to music piracy sites.  Links allowing people to steal the music. As a

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