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Operation Song

For professional songwriters, there’s often a disconnect between the writing of the music and the audience’s experience of it. We like to tell ourselves that our music matters – that it makes a difference – but when we are writing it day


A River of Dust…

  Why on earth is Vic posting a picture of 2 people in a boat on an empty lake, you might ask? Well, if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll hear the story behind this photo…the reason why my


What Comes First, the Lyric or the Melody?

  This is probably the most-asked question I get as a songwriter. And there are a million answers to it.  The truth is, on any given day I actually have no idea how the next song is going to present


Time Management Tips & Tricks

  Lately life has been a real balancing act. I thought I was busy when I was juggling being a performing artist with being a staff songwriter, but add being a Mom into the mix and it’s a whole new cup of

Daddy’s Little Girl

Since its release by The Shires, “Daddy’s Little Girl” has become the second single on “My Universe” – the fastest selling country album in UK history. We all have different experiences…and especially where our childhoods are concerned.  But the trick


Drinking With Dolly

  Country artist Stephanie Quayle has recorded quite a beautiful version of “Drinking With Dolly”. Rachel Proctor and I wrote the song together a couple of years ago, triggered by a conversation about how much fun it would’ve been to be a part


Demo Love

  “Demo Love” – that’s an expression we use in the songwriting biz when there’s something magical about the demo recording of a song. Of course it’s always amazing to hear an artist’s version of your song, but it’s rare to


Fighting Our Biggest Adversary: Fear.

  Recently, a fan asked me how I deal with fear. “Fear is our biggest adversary. How do you shun fear to get to where you are going?  Everyone has to wake up each morning and get on with it.


A True Scoop…

Ok, so maybe I embarrass myself a little too often by sharing the raw material behind my songs with my email subscribers, but I just love giving people a glimpse at where songs come from.  I also share things like: free


I Hope You Dance

One of my favorite things about working as a songwriter in Nashville is finding brilliant collaborators. I’ve been blessed to work regularly with Tia Sillers, writer of the iconic song “I Hope You Dance”, for over 10 years now. Together we’ve written

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