Yearly Archives: 2008

A Wee Pint of Guinness (Performing in Belfast, Ireland)

I just got back from a terrific week in Ireland, where I performed at the 4th annual Belfast Songwriters’ Festival.  I had the opportunity to play a couple of acoustic shows with Don Schlitz and Pat Alger, who are some

Pearl’s Music Box

This diary entry isn’t about the music business…but I think it’s an interesting story that explains a little bit about where the music came from in my life, so I’ll include it here on my site. My friend Tia Sillers

Hit and Run

I was in a pretty bad car accident today. I was hit head-on by a (drunk?) driver who was driving the wrong direction down my side of a very busy street in downtown Nashville. Then, the guy drove around me,

Recording a New CD

I’ve been having a blast in the studio recently working on a new CD.  It’s intended for national distribution in Canada. With the help of engineer and mixer extraordinaire Eric Legg, I put together a one-day intensive recording session last

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